How Do They Build Huge Cruise Ships? Welders Are Essential

Welding can be a lucrative career path for skilled workers who want to make huge paychecks. All it takes is finding the right industry where you can put your trade into good use. Although there are plenty of industries that need welding expertise, shipbuilding is probably one of the best career options for welders.

Welding processes are required in the successful construction of ships for commercial and military usage. Careful, expert welding is performed on joints that are designed to prevent water and oil leaks.  And while riveting is also an option in shipbuilding, welding is more cost-effective and requires fewer materials.  

Common Welding Methods in Shipbuilding

The most common welding methods used in the shipping industry are metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. But how are they different?

The major difference between MIG and TIG welding lies in the use of the electric arc. On one hand, MIG welding ignites spark with the use of a feed wire that is moving through the welding gun in order to melt the electrode and the metal base together and create the weld. On the other hand, TIG makes use of long rods to directly join two metal pieces.

There are also striking differences when it comes to materials that can be welded using the two welding methods and the speed of the welding process. TIG welding is generally performed on thin sections while MIG is commonly used when welding thicker structural pieces. Additionally, TIG is often used when attention to detail is necessary while MIG is used when high production rate is required. 

Welding Jobs in the Shipbuilding Industry

There are various jobs in shipyards that will need your expertise in welding, such as structural welding, pipe welding, pipefitting, and shipfitting. The job descriptions for these positions may vary from one another but they share a common denominator- welding skills.

To land a welding job in the shipping industry, you have to possess the necessary skills and techniques required to undertake the complex and specialized nature of welding works in shipyards. To do this, you should undergo technical trainings on different welding methods, especially those that are commonly employed in shipbuilding.  You can find plenty of welding training programs online that will help you prepare for your application as a welder in a major shipyard for a chance to make comfortable income and enjoy a lucrative career in welding.